I awoke this morning, earlier than usual. Recent epidermal injection for C-5 bulging disc I suppose, ready for another weekend of colder than usual temps for steelhead scouting. I did my usual routine, putting away dishes and preparing lunches for the day, apparently amplified in my lack of caffeine stupor as my wife came down the stairs and kindly informed me. I opted to postpone doing the lunch/breakfast duties until the rest of the house was awake.
Checking my e-mail, I found a pleasant surprise and new found motivation to do what we do. This winter has been longer and colder than recent decades, our rivers have been locked up and the lakes have 3+ feet of ice. It is amazing how a simple message from a project that has been on hold can revitalize the soul.
We’ve got the storyline and narrative built.
We’ve got our soundtrack selected.
We’ve got all our video assets organized and ready to flow with the words and music.
And now we’ve got our deadline.

A Deliberate Life will be released by the end of May.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the finish line.
~ From SILO4

Going out on a whim, handing out lollipops and whoopins'. Fresh outta lollipops.
Very good news indeed. More strength. A fresh pot of coffee brewing, diaper changed, baby Camille is happy again. I shall tie another batch of #8 Sexy Hexy Emergers, and organize my fly line and fly boxes once again, hopes of warming temperatures and rising fish in the not too distant future.
I am very happy to see A Deliberate Life come to fruition. If you haven’t heard anything of the project, here is a sneak peak. It follows a few guides across the west and how they came to this wonderful life, they found their passion. The project had a delay in production and lay dormant on the cutting room floor. I did a review over a year ago and cannot express how overwhelmed with joy I am to see it happen. I hope you take the time to check it out and support the project. Get on their mailing list and stay up to date.

Tight Lines,