Another great year in the books with headliners George Daniel, Landon Mayer, Tim Flagler and Jake Villwock.

Ann Miller was busy talking her new book- beautiful photography and added sections.

Ann Miller was on hand with her much anticipated new Midwest Bugs book. You need a copy? Get to your local fly shop and pick one up!

The weekend was fairly well attended. We saw steady crowds Saturday from 10am thru early afternoon. A few fly shops were missing and other dealers not present, but the MFFC did some live podcasts with Ash Angler to get the younger crowd interested and we shall see how that plays out next year. I had  the brief opportunity to sneak into Tim Flagler presentation TIGHTLINE Productions

Landon Mayer Fly Fishing 

George Daniel youTube     Jake Willwock

Check out these links for more information on presenters.

Sunfish Woodworks can add a touch of class to your cabin.


Dan Moyer has a Fishy shoe for you!! CATCHFLO

Landon Mayer new book GUIDE FLIES

GUIDE FLIES by Landon Mayer

Nick Conklin from TFO talks casting technique.

Tim Flagler- How does your parachute look>? Hopefully the convex feather folds down over the fly for better presentation.

Gil’s International Fishing– Belize? Bahamas? Let’s GO!!

David Ruimveld Studio has always set the bar high for artists looking to get in the outdoor game.

Ashley of MINDFUL TROUT talks Euro Nymphing and how effective it can be with George Daniel.

Landon demonstrates execution of power through a casting demo.

Todd Schottsie and Al Ritt take a turn in the podcast booth with Ash Angler,

CEO of SKWALA was on hand making waves with some great waders and wading jackets.

Long time client- this young man has been tying since he was 10- RIVER SMITH made his way to check on TFO rods- Thank you! KOZ

New line? SA has you covered. I picked up some new streamer lines- Thank you SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS! Great to see the gang!

STEALTHCRAFT had a nice variety of gorgeous boats for you to check out! Find them in BALDWIN MI.

Jeff "Bear' Andrews catches up with Jerry Regan.

Jeff “Bear” Andrews gets a jab in before Jerry Regan can retort about all these whipper snappers…

Great to see TroutBum John and Hully making the circuit.

SMALLMOUTH on the fly~

Jake has some of my favorite patterns for smallmouth- Freeze Dried Sculpin.