Seems I have been in a funk lately, I apologize. I should be busy, I should be on the road. A small part of me misses the weekend warrior galloping from hotel to motel, from show to show, showing off new fly rods and talking to fellow anglers in preparation for next season. The zooms have been getting me down, it’s just not as good as the real thing. Meeting in person. There is a certain genuine depth of feeling to actually talking face to face. Maybe there is another part that is missing?

Time to get IF4

All the Fly Film Festivals- I would make my way to Grand Rapids to hang with family for a day, meet with a few dealers and go to the show at Wealthy St. Theatre. We would also fill up the truck and head to TC where TNA would host a F3T at the Opera House. Always great time running into friends from the Adams TU and surrounding area. I like doing the annual review of what new F3T/IF4 movie previews have to offer. But can one do that without the atmosphere of being in a room with 200 other anglers as a GT smashes a huge fly on a flat? I don’t know-

Steelhead, Stripers, Gt’s, Trout- what’s not to love?

What I do know is there are plenty of virtual Shows for us to watch at home. The benefit is your own living room, price for couch seat and a beverage is pretty affordable in the age of Covid-19. You also have a week to view the featured films offered. So pull out your credit card, sign up, help benefit the TU chapters that sponsor your favorite fly fishing (porn) shows.

Paul H. Young Trout Unlimited has teamed up with Michigan Trout Unlimited to bring you the IF4. Have a tying night, invite some friends over, perhaps a chance to get someone who has not yet crossed over into the ‘Fly Realm’ and wet their appetite. You have two nights to host a movie night- February 19 beginning at 4 pm– (you can start the film 48hrs after and have a week to watch) and March 19 beginning at 4pm. Support your State and local Trout Unlimited Chapter- $15.