It has been one of the most unusual years. From the early cancellation of Detroit Fly Fishing show and some residual panic in retailers to continuing into early summer with more people on the river at many locations I can recall in recent years. It turned out to be decent season, less travel meant more localized anglers, nobody went into Canada, so- northern Michigan was the stopping point for our southern states. It feels very odd to not be traveling for Thanksgiving, or hosting my family here, but we cannot risk the chance of spreading the virus. It does however give me time to tie some flies for next year, plan out some trips and organize events with local TU chapter, and to give thanks to all the wonderful anglers I get to share time with each year on some of my favorite rivers. I had more than average cancellations this year due to fear of travelling during this pandemic- I hope to fish with those clients someday in the future. But also got to spend more time with regulars and fish with some guide buddies, which is always enjoyable and rewarding. I recall opening weekend, fishing the PRC with friends and commenting on how relaxing it was- zero agenda, no time I had to be home to get projects done, fish were caught, brats were grilled, laughs were had and I treasure those days, thank you guys for good times.

Thankful I had the opportunity to spend time with Janis Putelis & MeatEater crew- even though the Hex was a bust.

I think these times give us good cause to stop and reflect on each other, ourselves and how fortunate we are to be out doors sharing what we love with others who get this opportunity once or twice per year- we truly are lucky, fortunate. This holiday season, reach out to someone who has influenced you, tell them how much it means to you that they share some of what they hold close to their heart- let them know you value the friendship. Send a message to another buddy and just say “Thanks-> Thank- you for being a good person.” its a simple gesture that will make someone’s day/week. I have a short compilation of days on the river, cant get everyone in here, so IF I missed an EPIC day with you or your family, please know it was unintended. There are a few surprises coming in 2021- that promise to make this one of the best seasons ever. I will keep you posted in future blogs, but be sure to follow the TRUE NORTH YouTube page to get up to the minute happenings. Be Thankful. Go Forth, Spread Cheer!

Tight Lines,


Will we ever return to ‘NORMAL’? Highly doubtful. Can we strive for civil human kindness and compassion for one another- I believe so. Take some time during this unusual holiday season and find gratitude, deep thanks, share it with someone who has made this world a better place. Or take two minutes and text someone whom you have been at odds over futile small issues and simply say ‘Thank- you for being you.’
Later this week, I hope to push the publish button on your True North Holiday #CovidChristmas Wish list, until then, stay safe, shop local and start thinking about Hendricksons and early Stoneflies.