The rain. The sweet smell of rain. Release of nitrogen from the atmosphere.
Petrichor. Smell it?

Photo by Sam Bosworth Media

The sweet smell of the earth, wet and dank, fresh with new promise. Hope of a fresh new day on the river, watching the diurnal progress of the season as she passes from one to the next, each with a new beginning as it closes a chapter on the previous. Each season, the rain has its own distinct aroma. In the spring it brings a frigid warmth as it melts snow away, a washing the earth as she fills and floods the watersheds. Expunging the crud and sediments from the winter prior. In the summer, it seems to cool the clay baked shoreline as a mirage emerges along the horizon. Fall seems to be purging the trees of leaves that are holding out for one more shot at photosynthesis.

These next photos are from good buddy Sam Bosworth- check out his work here. We have been putting in a few hours together over the past few years, sharing water and stories, sharing some nature and experiences. I think you will find his work is not only stunning, but catches the moment. Notice the detail.

Smell it? The next season is upon us.

Enjoy. Petrichor.