Denver Colorado, the return of the International Fly Trade Show was nothing short of the feast set out at the return of lost prodigal son since his last appearance in 2012. A grand Homecoming indeed. The stage was set and many hours were put in by the staff and board of AFFTA, noticeable and appreciated. A variety of seminars from ‘how-to’ improve social media contact for businesses,  start a podcast for your marketing, breaking barriers through inclusion and exploring diversity on the water to sustainable business practices, managing travel and open to buy fly programs  were just a few of the opportunities many dealers were able to attend. Keynote breakfast with Steven Rinella from MEATEATER started the week off with the same vibe- why do we look at another anglers method as archaic? When we really should embrace the fact that they are out there taking part in outdoor recreation. Period.


It would have been difficult to not notice the lack of plastic water bottles overflowing from various trash receptacles- Costa Sunglasses kicked the #kickplastic campaign in high gear for this show, and it was well received. Might take more than a few nudges and free re-usable water bottles for other markets to grasp the concept, but the reality of our finite water resources and lack of effort to not utilize single use plastics has to begin now. The guide/fly shop is the best place to get the word out. Costa was enlisting as many guide/outfitters as were willing to make the commitment to no single use plastics in their day to day operations. True North has been working in compliance for the passed two seasons, we are looking to spread the word and get more people involved. You can find more information and how to get involved HERE. COSTA #KICKPLASTIC 

There were numerous friends and industry professionals from across the country, far too many to name and would fear omitting a few by accident. The following is a sampling of photos from last week in Denver,

Mr Marc Crapo

Blane, Martin and Andreas~ Flymen Fishing Co.

Mr Steve Rajeff

Derek DeYoung diligent at his booth

Cody Richardson and his better half.

Mr Tom Sadler- recipient of the James Range Conservation Leader Award and the lovely Erin Kane from FlyVines,

Rick Pope taking a few life lessons from the ever illustrated Nick Curcione.

Ty Hallock takes a moment behind the brush.

Mr & Mrs Chad Yost with GRAPLRZ

Dog collars from FlyVines.

Leader and Tippet from Umpqua Feather Merchants

Shyanne Orvis

Mike Williams with GreenBus Design.

Edgar Diaz with Sight Line Provisions.

Temple Fork Family.