First of all, I apologize. For being a slacker. It has been a while since I sat and put pencil to paper, but, reality is, I have been busy. I have been making the transition into Sales Representative Great Lakes for Umpqua Feather Merchants, and soon Temple Fork Outfitters. Be prepared for a few shameless plugs on both product lines. More on that next month. What inspired me today? A few things in recent weeks while on the road in Ohio visiting stores, because in northern Michigan, I don’t see and/or feel the direct impact as much as when I’m on the road. Have you seen Wall-E? Yes, the cartoon from Disney* Pixar.

we are fast tracking ourselves into oblivion.

There is a reoccurring theme, the final destination our race is headed towards, and when I travel, it becomes more apparent. We are getting L A Z Y. We need to be better at everything we do, faster, more efficient, yet along the way, we have become slackers at the same time. How is that you ask?

While sitting at restaurant, Pints & Pies in Worthington, OH- Great wings (sriracha garlic-lime) and friendly bartender, btw; I noticed a few different ‘Hipster’ type dudes come in and pick up To-go orders, they were Door Dash delivery drivers, complete with blue tooth ear bud tunes blaring and lack of deodorant hygiene picking up someone’s dinner for a nominal fee. We don’t have this in my neck of the woods, we either walk down the street for a pie or drive and pick up some BC Pizza. We are light years away from Uber/Lyft, I could be very wrong, Traverse City has a small hub of Lyft drivers, but our 2500 population Mayberry town can’t sustain a part time cab driver. We are so excited to have technology make it easy for us. Take YouTube for example, and I am just as guilty of the crime as the next guy- watching videos on “How-to.” I don’t have to read a manual? I can YouTube how to change a lightbulb on my wife’s 2010 Acadia? Great!! save me the time of doing it, I brought the vehicle in, no way could I get my hands in those spaces.

What about Fly Fishing-Tying videos? YES! There is a wealth of knowledge out there, it’s not all bad, as a matter of fact, through proper channels and background, much of it is legit and helpful for many anglers. Take the video series from Brian Flechsig at Mad River Outfitters, if you aren’t following it yet, I would highly recommend you do and share this advice at your next Fly tying pint night.  Not only does he present basics in an informative manner, he also has years of experience, mentors and travel to back up his credentials. Check out his work here and his shop –Mad River Outfitters.

Do the work, it will be all the more rewarding when you get there. Sure, doing some of the legwork to establish your knowledge base is great for any sport or leisure activity, but getting out there and actually hiking some terrain to find that thin blue line and scouting water is beyond priceless. Especially when it fails the first couple times, and then Mother Nature decides you have put the time in and allows you to witness some of her beauty.

“I love fly fishing so much, I wish it would die!” This video from HUGE Fly Fisherman conveys what we feel. Thank you Midcurrent for bringing this to the INternet front screen. The Internet- it can be a love/hate relationship, I would not have readers if you didn’t partially agree. The internet allows individuals to raise awareness for multiple causes, Hurricane relief, saving animals, Amazon rain forest, Alaska, and so much more. We can also let it take advantage of our resources. But we must be vigilant to keep our waters safe and preserved for future seasons. I don’t often give locales in posts found on Facebook page, but with a little leg work, stopping in a fly shop, talking to guides, and purchasing some flies/fly boxes and supporting the businesses that need to exist so you have a source for information goes a LOOONG way.

I look forward to getting back in the mode of writing and contributing, Feel free to send me requests on Facebook and let me know where I can help. Next Month I will headed to IFTD, first time and beyond excited to shake hands with some folks I have been virtual friends with for almost a decade.