Recently saw a streamer on Facebook that caught my attention. Mr Paul Brown of KC Fly Co. and guide in Alaska at The Alaska Rainbow Lodge ties up some beautiful beefy streamers for Pike/muskie and other predatory fish that can engulf baitfish imitations.

A little bit about Paul and how he works up his patterns:

“I work as a fishing guide for Alaska Rainbow Lodge in the amazing Bristol Bay region on the world famous Kvichak River. I’ve been guiding in Alaska for 3 years now and I love every minute of it. During the offseason I shift my attention from the giant rainbows of the Kvichak to tying flies. I started KC Fly Co. 3 years ago to be able to stay in the fly fishing industry during the offseason. I specialize in tying large, articulated predator flies for anything from trout to musky and exotic species. The Heatseeker is one of those patterns that can cover all of these species in one fly.”

Let’s take a look at the HEATSEEKER>

Ok so to start the rear hook is a 2/0 Ahrex Aberdeen Predator (any light wire hook will do) Run your thread back about a 1/4 of the shank from the eye and that is the starting point.

From there I tie in either Jerkbait Mania’s Pike Skinz or SF blend cut in half and tapered. I tie this all the way around the shank. And this is going to provide the taper you want depending on how long you cut the fiber.

I then tie in full length DNA Holo Fusion or Jerkbait mania Buck Blend. If it’s buck blend I mix in some ice Wong Fiber for a little flash. I have this extend about 2.5 shank lengths behind the hook.

Then I tie in 2 hackle feathers on the top half of the fly extending the tips of the feathers just past the buck blend.

I then create a dubbing loop and put in ripple ice fiber trying to keep it as thinly distributed as I can.

Wrap the flash and whip finish and that’s your tail.

The front hook is a 3/0 Ahrex 26* Bent Streamer hook. For my articulations I use 6mm beads and 49 strand .024 inch wire.

Then I tie in pike skinz cut in half and then cut in half again. Tying it all the way around the shank.

Tie in more buck blend. The top wing ends halfway down the shank of the rear hook and the bottom wing ends at the eye of the rear hook.

Spin another dubbing loop of ripple ice and wrap it.

Tie in pike skinz cut in half and cut in half again. I tie this stage in about 1/3 of the way back from the bend in the shank.

I tie in the last wings of buck blend measuring to the back of the front hook.

One more dubbing loop of ripple ice.

Then I switch my thread to GSP and tie in my collar trimming away the short butt pieces.

I make 3 spins of deer hair for the head.

I always start on the bottom and trim it totally flat.

On the top of the head I follow the angle of the hook trimming back to my collar.

For the sides I trim looking from above the fly starting at the eye of the hook at a 45 degree angle curving to 90 degrees halfway back on the head.

On this size I add 8mm eyes and call it good.

You can get Pike Skinz from my website, I am currently running low on stock to sell but I am expecting another order from them to be showing up soon. You can also get it from 

The Heatseeker, this is the wedgehead version of the Clincher by Paul Brown. All synthetic except for the head for durability.

Great Looking pattern~ get out and get your line wet!