The Monday of August 21, many stood outside with fancy NASA edition safety glasses to witness a total solar eclipse that was nothing more than a hazy dusk type afternoon with fuzzy shadows in the Great Lakes region. I was getting amped up for a less exciting planetary observation that would take place on a cold river near home with the guys from Hook Shots, Joe Cermele and fellow guide Joe Demalderis from Upper Delaware. After meeting up at local motel near my house, we made plans for dinner and grabbed a beer and burger at 7 Monks down the road and got to our put in.

After a few technical details were laid out, we were off and sweating in some upper 80 degree heat with a chance of showers rolling through around 9 pm.

Wood, wood and more wood. “There isn’t enough cover in this river.” said no one ever.

We were drenched in a short while, and only had two small fish to the net. This was a good ‘getting their waders wet’ type of night, and they were more than prepared for what was to come the next evening. For the day, we opted for some basic brook trout chasing and fought a cold front along with wind, but the Hippie Stomper and some Isonychia’s were producing a couple takes.

Brook trout can be a blast!

It was an absolute blast fishing with these two guys, they worked hard, had fun and took home a few memories. It really doesn’t get much better than that; oh, and we caught a couple trout. Small part of me was hoping we would tag a couple swamp donkeys in the 24″+ range, but it wasn’t in the cards. IN retrospect, maybe it is a good thing. Makes these anglers want for more, and in their dreams they will be haunted by the cedars and cool flowing rivers that hold some serious brown trout…

Check the rest of the video out on Field & Stream below…