Our family is on holiday in St. Maarten, I packed along my nine weight as I usually do. I have done this before and got a few Tarpon in the

10 to 15 pound class range. My fly box is packed with the usual mantis shrimp and deceivers, nothing less than 12 on Maxima for tippet. It amazes me every time I am down here how people treat the ocean as a resource that gives and keeps on giving. I checked with the local adventure at the kayak rental office about bonefishing and she said they’re tarpon everywhere, so many of them that they can’t keep count, so there are no regulations nor licensing in the D.W.I.

The ocean has many faces.

The ocean has many faces.


I’m going out tonight to try to catch another Tarpon, they are a riot to catch in the 10 to 15 pound range. I have tied into a few in the 100 pound class but they do nothing but tear up my line.

This weekend is the Great Lakes Federation Fly Fishers annual FlyFishing expo near Lansing. I wish I could be there, and I invite you all to attend if you can.