We all have a few go-to patterns that are quick to tie, efficient at the vise, requiring few hard to find materials and effective on the rivers we fish. I can guarantee that many of you have been accused of being ‘That Guy’ perusing just a little too long at JoAnn’s Crafts or Hobby Lobby when your wife or girlfriend has already paid and left for her next big find next door at TJMaxx. Sometimes, these are not the preferred stores, but we find materials not often found elsewhere. This is where I did not raid my daughters necklace making kit~ she wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything girly crafty like that.

Very Simple Recipe List

Hook-> Dai-Riki #135 size 6-10
Thread-> Danville’s Fl. Orange Flat waxed Nylon
Body-> Pony Bead Lace Jelly Rope Bright Green
Head-> Large Copper Bead
Collar-> Ice Dub Caddis Green and Peacock or Arizona Synthetic Peacock Golden & Bronze
prep tray

1. Prep Tray, pre cut Jelly Rope and bead the hooks.

Lay down the thread base.

2. insert hook in vise, lay down thread base.

Measure up the lace tubing

3. Measure Lace tubing, remove hook from vise. Carefully slide Jelly rope up to bead head.

slide lace tubing up the hook

4. wrap a few turns on the top of Jelly rope/lace tube

Ice Dub Caddis Green

5. Ice Dub Caddis Green, sparse, get ready to dub second layer.

add Ice Dub Peacock

6. Add Ice Dub Peacock

Whip finish behind bead head

7. Whip finish behind bead head. pick/brush some of the collar out.

Koz's Steelhead Kandy

Koz's Steelhead Kandy