I often Look at my tying desk and attempt to utilize scrap tying materials to tie a fly that might entice a few willing trout>
Here is a keeper from last summer.

Koz\’s Caddis/hoppa

Hook: TMC 2487BL size #10 & 12
Thread: UTC Olive G.S.P. 100
Body: 2mm Tan foam
UNderbody: Hare-line Ice Dub Caddis Green
Legs: Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs Pumpkin
Wing: Premo Deer Hair- White, Olive, Yellow

Basic materials

Caddis Hoppa materials

Caddis Hoppa
Try this in a variety of colors.

Tie this in a variety of colors. White, yellow and olive have been very good on my local waters. Tight Lines!!