So far our summer of 2013 has been on the cool side. It is mid August and we are talking seventies for daytime highs and some areas dipped into the forties at night. Only one week when we actually activated the window AC unit. This has an upside, the fishing has been great. Maybe the nighttime game hasn’t been off the hook as it should, but we are still big fuzzy furballs. Usually, we like humid nights with lows staying above the sixty degree mark to ensure the warm-blooded little rodents get out and stay active into the wee hours of the night. The river levels have been stable and most of the fish we have caught, browns and brookies have been stocky and well fed.

Boxers or briefs?

He doesn't need Undies~

Here is where I get a little SNARKY>>>”Reporter loses job after going braless
I hope I don’t lose my job for revealing the fact that I too don’t often wear a bra (or underpants for that matter) when I am on the job. Of course, I want you to check out my undergarments and see if you can find a boxer-brief line through my Simms. Anyone who remembers Friends* will get a chuckle thinking of Joey going Commando in Chandler’s jeans. Bottom line (pun intended), I learned a valuable lesson a couple of Friday’s ago- while cruising a favorite brownie stretch on the Jordan, we encountered a downpour. At first, we thought we could tough it out and swing streamers at the logjam before us. We soon retreated for the shelter of nearby cedars when we heard the booming clap of thunder and some brief lightning. Oddly, the conversation turned to the benefits of proper underwear choice. I had never thought about it, as I sat there wearing all sorts of poly-blends made specifically for outdoor purposes, except for my generic cotton Hanes. Women have different options in the underwear department.
We could see a touch of blue sky peering through the slate grey moisture laden clouds, but I was wet down to my bottom. My client mentioned he learned a lesson a few years back after taking an obligatory dip in another chilly river during steelhead season. He vowed to never wear cotton nor cotton blend underwear, opting for capilene or waderwick underwear. Simms has a line of underwear designed for people who will invariably spend time in inclement weather. I quickly became a convert when my bum stayed damp and soon uncomfortable when the sun came out and the humidity returned to 80%. I am not telling you what or if you should wear undies, but be wise in your choice…
Speaking of SNARKY- is that really even a word?
Irregardless- I know, not a word, (regardless) but count how many people use it daily…
If you would like to check out something better than smart, I encourage you to check out good buddy Kirk from the Unaccomplished Angler who had a great response to Mr Bennett’s post from Deneki Outdoors in ALASKA who has a few pointers, 13 Habits of highly Effective Anglers~ to help all anglers improve or get game.
Is ‘Snarky’ a made-up word?
Aren’t they all??