Have you ever spent far too much time in the map section at the bookstore? Pouring over little squiggly blue lines on county maps that have little or no road access. Then go home and pull up Google Earth or FlashEarth and zoom in between the latitude & longitude lines to find your next unknown destination?

Stay On Trail

Break from the Usual Path

Have you ever trudged through 3 or 4 miles of dense hardwood forest only to come out on the ridge of a vast endless swamp, then trodding along among some of the most bug infested, knee deep muck for what seems like four miles but really is only four or five hundred yards?

Casting platform~

Undercuts and Sweeping Logs

Ever stopped along the way, found a nice open little valley littered with plump juicy wild raspberries and blackberries and nibbled until sated, rejuvenated by the natural sugars only Mother Nature can provide?

Mother Nature's Goodness

Ever reached your final destination, over fen and valley, decomposed beaver dams, rich with organic humus, only to find a mere trickle of what you certainly thought was to be the Valhalla of all trout streams?

New Water

Ever go just a little bit further, definitely positive there was more to discover, knowing few if anyone has made it this far in decades, maybe half a century, the only evidence of man crossing this vast area are the remnants of a once magnificent forest, showing only mere stumps of what used to be?

Brookie Heaven

100 Year-Old Stump

And then you get there. Your breathe is taken away by the awesome beauty and the splendor of nearly untouched waters. Rings dimple the surface, currents sweep under old logging left-overs, through undercut banks all while cedar wax-wings swoop and dive up and downstream feasting on a veritable buffet of bugs.
Find a seam, keep low in the profile, cast away. This only happens once. You find these magical places on very few occasions. Take it all in. Treasure it. Love it. Dream about it.