Galloup's Ant Acid

Galloup's Ant-Acid

Featured now at The Weekly Fly (which, by the way, is a simply great website) is a wonderful short video of Kelly Galloup tying his Ant-Acid. The fly is available through Rainy’s Flies and Supplies, along with a number of his other more famous ties.

Kelly is a Traverse City native who for many years owned The Troutsman fly shop over on East Bay. He and his wife now own the Slide Inn on the Madison River, just West of Yellowstone National Park.

In the video Kelly not only takes you through the intricacies of tying the Ant-Acid, but also spends a little time demonstrating a technique for handling the application of deer and elk hair to dry flies like the elk-hair caddis. He also explains in a very clear way the difference between quality deer and elk hair, and less desirable patches that you might find hanging in a shop. If you’re a serious tier, it is worth watching that segment alone.

The Ant-Acid is a durable, high-floating ant pattern that will take a little extra time to tie right, but should make an excellent imitation for both regular ants and flying ants throughout the summer season. I’ve had great luck with ant patterns on windy days along the upper Manistee River, in particular.