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Ken Morrish signs on with Umpqua Feather Merchants

2013 December 12

Breaking news spread across social media outlets last night about the most recent addition of Ken Morrish to the Umpqua Team. This has great significance to me on many levels, as a tyer, an angler and from a blogger point of view. First as a Tyer~ we have all used and or based our own mouse patterns on the very successful Morrish Mouse.

Mush Mouth Morrish Rainbow Mouse

Mush Mouth Morrish Rainbow Mouse

He has incorporated the high floatability of deer hair with the also very bouyant foam we all love to swim across the surface in search of predatory fish. I can’t think of a time when out searching for my midnight brown trout that I didn’t throw a few Morrish Mice into the banks and skitter them back slowly in the seam. Nor can I imagine tying a fly without the base of this phenomenal pattern as a stepping stone to some other successful flies.
As an angler, we like to see these innovative tyers find new homes that might inspire more creativity in the future of our ever expanding fly tying world.
As a blogger and social media participant, we have witnessed a multitude of changes in how the big players in the industry have marketed and expanded their names. I won’t go into details based on what I read on Facebook, nor do I wish to engage on the practices of how other companies operate in this arena.

Morrish Iron Stone

Soon to be in my fly box this summer~

I would like to mention that Mr. Morrish has developed a few other flies I was unaware of until I did a little research and personally, can’t wait to tie a few and see more like them in the future. Killer patterns like the Iron Sally, Anato-May, Morrish Hopper, Pom Skater and others are soon to be in my fly boxes.
Mr. Morrish also has been a guide from Alaska down the west coast to California, and also a consult for many rod companies. He co-owns Fly Water Travel with Brian Gies and has been recognized for his outstanding photography in publications such as Rod & Reel, Outside, Fly Fisherman, Patagonia and Northwest Fly Fishing.
Congrats on the New home and to the new addition at Umpqua Feather Merchants.

Ken Morrish with Chunk of Gold

Ken Morrish with Chunk of Gold

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