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Fishy Kid’s Adult Coloring Contest

2009 November 1
The Mega Crayon Pile

The Mega Crayon Pile

Cameron Mortenson over at The Fiberglass Manifesto got ahold of me this morning to let me know that Fishy Kid is sponsoring an “Adult Coloring Contest” that will run for the entire month of November. He writes that he and his partner are “putting together three stellar prize packs of DVD’s and other gear to the three winners.”

They’ll be setting up a gallery on the Fishy Kid website to upload the entries and an an online poll to vote the top three winners the first part of December. Get out your crayons and get to work!

FishyKid is a cooperative project involving both The Fiberglass Manifesto and Red Dirt Studios. They are out to promote fishing to the next generation through art-oriented projects. It is a cool idea by two dads who have their hearts are in the right place.

Cameron turns out to be a neat guy, by the way, and I’m hoping to get him back to Michigan this next summer to do some fly casting on the Au Sable, the Manistee, and West Grand Traverse Bay. He used to fish in Michigan on a regular basis, though he lives “down south” now. We’ll see if we can get that to work out!

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