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A fishing Lesson with Traverse City’s Bob Summers

2009 November 27
by Jordan Lindberg
Bob Summers

Bob Summers

From the video vault today comes a nice five-minute film of rodmaker and fly angler Bob Summers teaching the craft to his granddaughter, Cara Smith. You probably know Bob Summers, or at least his work, but if not, you should start with this fact: Summers is just about at the top of the list when it comes to building and restoring cane rods. He has been working at it since 1956, and spent 18 years with the Paul H. Young Company of Detroit, MI.

As he notes on his company website, he specializes in repairing and restoring the rods of two famous makers: Paul H. Young and Lyle Dickerson. He also makes very collectible rods himself, working out of a home studio on the Boardman River. And here is another interesting facts about Bob: He happens to own George Griffiths’ old Au Sable river boat.

Summers has a wonderful website that services as a good  introduction to his craft. In addition to information about how to get a Bob Summers rod for yourself (hint: be prepared to wait a while for delivery — your name goes on the bottom of the list), he also lists a number of collectible classic bamboo rods for sale from all the leading manufacturers working in the Golden Age of cane. Enjoy and happy casting!

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