To begin my NYE celebration, and my to fulfill my annual need to clean house, I walked in the door from work tonight and immediately started cleaning out my closet. I have been working on this project for the past six months, but tonight it was different. I looked at each item that I have lovingly purchased, and then honestly answered myself when I asked, “Do I ever wear this?” A very large bag of clothing to pass on to my friends at work is the result of my honesty. Heavy sigh.

No Fair weather Angler here.

Lesley December 2011

What does this have to do with fishing you may ask? Well…nothing really. But, it does have something to do with passion. I often ponder whether or not I am passionate about anything the way Koz is passionate about all things fish. The answer is no. I am not. The closest thing I can think of is shopping. I love it. I desire it. I am fulfilled by it. It makes me happy. So, when I need to face my closet with honesty, if you stretch your imagination just a little, this resembles a man facing the fluid waters that flow before him in an attempt to land the trophy catch. I, too, am in search of a trophy catch. He fishes. I shop. It’s the same thing on some level.

Summer Trout

It is a rare occasion that I make a new year’s resolution. I find them silly, and most often things that I know I won’t do anyway. So, why set myself up for failure? But, for 2013, I am resolving to enjoy the waters that surround me more often. Living in beautiful northern Michigan, I am surrounded by rivers and lakes. As I seek peaceful times with yoga and running, I will add to that list a little more fishing. Now, I probably won’t fish as often as I shop, but that’s okay. As long as I keep it honest, and keep it peaceful and passionate, it’s all good. I often say that if I could shop for a living, I certainly would. I know that Koz feels the same way about fishing. He will move closer to that dream this year.

As we move into a new year with hopes and dreams, one thing will remain certain. He will fish. I will shop.