FISHWEAR is here!!

Very happy and proud to announce that Fishewear collection has found a home at the new MAD RIVER OUTFITTERS in Columbus Ohio. The staff and crew at MRO have a world class fly shop that opened during this crazy pandemic and they continue to rock the fly world with first class service and unbelievable fashion for on and off the river.

Fun, Fashionable, and Functional apparel for the female angler is the goal at Fishe- started by former Ice Road Trucker Linda Leary in Anchorage Alaska- this gear is put to the test in some of the harshest environments- to look good and last for more than a a couple seasons. From Italian Fabric Leggings to weekend bags, wading belts, and waterproof backpacks and carry-ons, these colorful trout/grayling and other designs(soon- Bass/Snook/Bonefish) will help you stand out from the rather ‘blah’ grey tones most anglers adorn. Be sure to stop in or call Mad River, pick up a pair of leggings for your favorite lady angler and be on the lookout for some new ‘casual/cozy’ apparel next year!

Tight Lines!