Stunning. Spectacular, amazing, awesome–

just a few of the words that can only begin to describe a day on the water with SUP on the Fly this past Thursday in northern Michigan. We had an absolutely picture-perfect day, winds were light out of the north west and temps in the upper seventies. John and I met in Sturgeon Bay with hopes of connecting with one of the massive carp or smashing smallmouth bass in the area.

Spectacular- the scenery never disappoints, this is truly fresh water flats fishing for mud-bones. The Badfisher standup paddleboard changes the game of how you can access water that was once impossible to reach by wading. Being elevated 5 to 6 feet above the water also gives you a sight advantage to finding muddying fish. Having the Bison Cooler is operative to balance and weight distribution, also allows the angler to sit and a place to mount your fly rods. I found a small pod of feeding carp in a weed bed and threw every ugly weighted bug I had at them, but not carp-nasty enough. The next day, Fly Fisherman Magazine arrived with the down low from Jay Zimmerman on how to tie the perfect carp fly. I have much work and research to do. That is what I love about this sport; always learning, always growing, and always developing new skills.

BADfisher paddleboard
Awesome- we covered over 8 miles on our route paddling around looking for fish. My deltoids and trapezius got a definite work out that I didn’t know they needed, my core is also improving. This type of fishing isn’t for the passive or in active angler, it is for those who wish to engage fully in what they do. The rewards are obvious and many.

Cruising for carp in Wilderness State Park

Cruising for carp in Wilderness State Park

On our way back along the shoreline, I couldn’t help but notice how stable the board was and how quietly I cruised over a school of 200 carp that were just feeding left and right . Sporadic cruising solitary missiles of thirty pounds crossed my path with regularity. This is an amazing place and an even better way of fishing for all these monster fish. I can’t wait to get back.

Ready for your next adventure...

Ready for adventure.

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Tight Lines!!

SUPonthefly with TNT after a great day on the water...

SUPonthefly with TNT after a great day on the water…