Bozeman Reel: Built in The Heart of Fly Fishing from Bozeman Reel on Vimeo.

It’s a balmy 2 degrees right now, nearly tripled from early morning temps well below zero. Makes it hard to live the life of a troutbum in the mitten, unless you don’t mind drilling holes in 2 feet of ice and staring at blaze orange metal bite indicators. We have been tying a few flies, throwing snow and getting ready for the springtime. One of the best signs that warmer weather should be on its way is the Fly Film Festival. We are headed to Traverse City this weekend to the InSide Out Gallery just east of The Northern Angler for another great installment of fresh and saltwater videos. 320, Long Live the King, Tributaries, Blood Knot and North of Wild are just a few of the many short films I am looking forward to seeing. Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out and check out a few trailers for yourself here. F3T Tickets
Video Previews

Frosted Decals

I have been eyeing a few new rods and reels. Seems natural. Most of us do it during these months of hibernation. We like to imagine the feel of a new stick in our hand, bugs biting the back of our neck, and hear the whizzing of a drag screaming for mercy when all outside is frozen solid. A guy can dream can’t he? My sights are set on a new reel from Bozeman Reel Co. If you haven’t heard about them, perhaps you just returned from your expedition to Kamchatka, I hear it is warmer there right now, I have the latest buzz from Hatches Magazine lists them as standout gear for 2014.
I recently got to preview their latest promotional video.
Bozeman Reel: Built in the Heart of Fly Country

Made in Bozeman, fished across the Country. Pretty fitting they have a connection to Michigan as well. Check out the video. Give them a Like on Facebook and see what everyone is talking about. You will be seeing more from these guys in the future…

Cold Sunrise