Jeep Cherokee 4X4

Ultimate Fishcar~ JEEP Cherokee 4x4

I often run into the County Police Officers every morning having coffee at the local Marathon Gas Station. Somehow, I have weaseled my way into their Java Circle, maybe because this is small town Northern Michigan, or maybe because my wife graduated with a good portion of these guys who formed the High School Football squad. So I began the conversation about ‘How many decals I can have on my vehicle?’- There was a time when I would avoid the Boys in Blue or Brown(aka County Mounties) due to my less than glorious past. See Eat More Brook Trout Twenty Questions~ but, today I am a different person. In the restaurant, I have given rides home to those who may have over-indulged because I genuinely care for not only their safety, but the well-being of others on the road that their life may suddenly be altered.
Back to the point. I have asked the local and state police officers about the regulations regarding the number of stickers on my vehicle and what was the legal description on the written law. Why? Well, I don’t want to get pulled over, with clients, family, out of town guests and get a ticket for ‘obstructed view’. It does seem that the legal description is a little vague but here we go~
Old Fishcar

Old Fishcar- Jeep Cherokee

As long as you have a clear view of the highway behind you via both of your side view mirrors- you are good. Really? I was perplexed as well. I can’t believe that. I asked the State Trooper Jeff Mercer, it can’t be that nondescript. He replied, “Think about it, we drive Tahoe’s with cages and gear behind us, we really can’t see out the rear view mirror on the front windshield.” MICHIGAN STATE LAW Which brings up cargo vans, limousines, U-Haul trucks, etc. None of these have a rear view at all, but totally legal. So I wondered about my ‘Blind Spot’. AS long as I don’t have stickers/decals on the window directly behind the driver’s seat, I am good. This worried me because driving a Jeep or Suburban, I have detailed the the rear Cargo space window with a multitude of decals from various fly shops either I have been to or wish to visit and various industry vendors and guides/tyers. I thank you for your support and sending me a few of your deeks for me to continue my adult version of putting all those puffy stickers all over my lunch box and trapper keeper from my youth. After much negotiation with the County Officers, who kindly denied being photographed with me and my vehicle for fear that I might unglorify their stature, they pointed me in the direction of the State Trooper who was pulling in the station at that very moment.

Look Ma, No Handcuffs!!

Of course State Trooper Mercer thought he was being ‘set-up’ by the other guys for some un-warranted negative publicity, but I reassured him that I “was just some local fishing guide who dabbles a little on a blog.” Thank you gentlemen. If you ever happen to come across this in your leisure, I hope you enjoy. Maybe we shall fish the river sometime. Tight Lines!