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Hendrickson’s and Black Caddis, Oh My!

2009 May 18
Flies on the Manistee

Flies on the Manistee

Trout fishing on the Manistee River in the early season … one of the best ways the spend an early spring afternoon (or, just as often, a cloudy, late afternoon!).

In this useful article, Chuck Hawkins of Hawkins Outfitters discusses the import role of Hendrickson’s and black caddis in early season trout fishing on the Manistee River, and he illustrates the lifecycle of the Hendrickson mayfly as a series of pictures of the corresponding artificial. What goes for the Manistee, goes for the rest of Northern Michigan — Hendricksons and black caddis are staples on all our waters. Read up and then fill those boxes!

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