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Bring on The Show!!

2016 February 5

Days are seemingly getting longer, the evenings are still chilly, but thoughts of spring are on all our minds. Most fly boxes are being replenished, whether by your own hands or someone else’s more deft ability, preparations are under way- warmer weather and hatches of mayflies ahead.
In order to make it through these last days of frigid torture, THE F3T brings salvation to a theatre in a tiny town near you. From Marquette, Boyne Falls, TC or Midland, down to bigger metro areas of East Lansing, GR, Ann Arbor> Check here for your local venue and showing time. These nights are just what the doctor ordered to cure your cabin fever, short of that overdue trip to Ambergris Caye chasing bones and permit…

Celebration of Tying

Celebration of Tying

I will be in Grand Rapids for the 8th Annual Celebration of Fly Tying sponsored by Grand River Fly Tyers and hope to catch the F3T in East Town at the Wealthy Theatre on February 27. Nomad Anglers is hosting two shows along with local SCHREMs TU Chapter, it has been a hugely successful night of fish porn for all of us seeking redemption from our tethers to snowbanks and tying vices.

2016 F3T coming to a town near you!

2016 F3T coming to a town near you!

Boyne Outfitters will be hosting Mr Matthew Supinski for a full day of SELECTIVITY on February 13, 2016. A fun day of tying and talking trout strategy and feeding habits with Mr Supinski is always well worth your travel. This man is a wealth of knowledge, from decades on rivers not only in Michigan, but across the country, is second to none. Highly recommend checking out the event here.
March comes rolling in with heavy thoughts of chrome in the tributaries to the Great Lakes that make our long dark turmoil of winter worth the wait. The Midwest Expo is the final sign spring is here, March 12-13, 2016. Last year, weather was pleasant and many anglers decided to come down to Macomb County to hang with fellow fly fishing brethren, knowing the steelhead will still be there in a week, 150 plus vendors/exhibitors and fly tying demonstrators won’t. I am pleased and honored to be hanging around with Justin and the crew from ADIPOSE BOATWORKS for another show. Excited to see what new tricks they have tweaked to an already phenomenal river boat is just one of the many reasons I enjoy having an Adipose FLOW. After reading and fishing more places in the past few years locally, I decided to add a CARP DECK to my boat. This will add a whole new experience to some of the inland lakes we fish, along with SUPontheFly, and checking out some shallow bays along the Lake Michigan shoreline, very excited for 2016.

2016 Midwest Expo

2016 Midwest Expo

Some nationally recognized fly tiers and fly casting demonstrations are on hand for this years Expo. Names like Joe Humphreys, Jason Randall, Ed Engle, Jeff Currier, and Skip Morris headlining and a cast of the usual suspects tying up bugs for us to stare in awe. Strolls, Schmidt, Potter, Regan, Schotts, Berant, Beel and more to show us some hook wrapping skills.

I hope to see you at one or more of these events. Be sure to say HEY! I might have a TNT decal on hand if you get to me early enough…

The summer season is looking great, many weeks are booked in anticipation of hex arrival, and recently teamed up with the good guys down at the PERE MARQUETTE RIVER LODGE, as the UpNorth destination guide. I really like the direction and cohesive network of guides down there. Besides simply refreshing to see a fly shop/outfitter actually working together for the cause of the river and the fishing, the guys are looking to spread this infectious ailment we call fly fishing, which I am totally for.  The newly chartered chapter of PMTU is long overdue and hope to support these anglers in future efforts for this one of a kind fishery.

Tight Lines!

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